Xantrex™ PROwatt SW Series Inverters

Xantrex™ PROwatt SW Series Inverter

Whether your need for power is geared toward power tools, microwaves, advanced electrical appliances or the latest entertainment gadget, Xantrex has an affordable, highly efficient solution to meet your specific demands. The popular PROwatt SW Series features true sine wave AC output with 600, 1000 and 2000 watt options respectively, all delivering the needed current to engage those demanding electrical loads.

Ideal for Commercial Trucks, Boats and RVs

The PROwatt SW Series sports dual GFCI AC receptacles along with a USB connection, plus multiple safety features. For example, when equipped with a remote control, the PROwatt SW Series delivers automatic ignition lockout, thereby shutting down the inverter’s output when the vehicle’s ignition is not engaged. This prevents unnecessary battery drain. Its compact design and easy installation makes the PROwatt SW Series ideal for commercial trucks, boats and RVs. All models meet UL 458, a safety and quality standard for mobile applications.

Optional Accessories

In-line Transfer Relay

On/Off Switch

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